Thanksgiving Blessings... - Laura Tallo Photography

Thanksgiving Blessings…

I love this time of the year when the weather starts getting cooler. I know that in Louisiana, we don’t experience the fall colors like the people in the Northeastern region of the United States do, but I love seeing what changes come our way.  I love being able to cook in my crock pot. In the summer, it is just too hot.

I recently celebrated my fiftieth birthday! Yes, the big 5-0!  I enjoyed a home-made spaghetti dinner with my husband, and per our tradition, I had sweet potato pies instead of cake to celebrate my birthday.

I usually take this time of year to evaluate my previous goals, and then I set new goals for the forthcoming year.  The main goal that I had for 2014 was to enter into the genre of “Fairy Photography,” and I have really enjoyed accomplishing that goal!  I love doing the fairy photo shoots!

I have in the works a photo shoot at some of the antebellum plantation homes near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am hoping that everything comes together for that during the week of Thanksgiving!  If it doesn’t work out for Thanksgiving, then that will be goal number one for next year!

Goal # 2 is to shoot a Fairy Session at the Franklinton Castle!!! Message me if you would like to book a session there!

Have you started to set your goals for the new year???

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