Sharing the Love... - Laura Tallo Photography

Sharing the Love…

sweet-wordsFor Barrett:

If you are in need of pictures give Laura a try. She has captured Barrett’s personality both times she has taken pictures. This is a tribute to her talent because he has been in a awful mood both times. He was even growling at the camera when the flash would go off.

Tammy Strickland

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From Kitty Sibley Morrison:

Laura is one of the most talented artists ever in Livingston Parish. She does color and black & white photography with amazing angles, props, and themes. She also does charcoals that stun with realism. In addition, she does needlework that you would not believe. I haven’t seen anything she has done that hasn’t been original, unique, and spell-binding. You MUST get a closer look at her work and make an appointment with Laura to find out how you can savor the moments of your life knowing that a tangible memory of that moment will be around perpetually as a favorite!

From Holly Downs McGraw in a private message, and after I shed a few tears, I decided to include her message here:

Girl… so far all the work I’ve seen of yours is the best I’ve ever seen. They actually touch me..ya know… like I felt them.

I can’t believe… your work is so beautiful.. and I know a lot of photogs… something about the feel just gets straight to my soul. It speaks to me. It makes me FEEL the intensity..The depth.
Just truly truly breathtaking
I’m serious… laura…


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