What is "Full Service" Photography?

I am a "full-service" photographer. I meet with you before a shoot, and we discuss how the shoot will run. We talk about the type of shoot, clothing or costumes, where we will shoot, and cover all details. I perform the shoot as prescribed in our meeting (and under contract). After I perform the shoot, I will go home and edit all photos. This takes up to two weeks for a fairy or senior shoot. It takes longer for a wedding.

After the editing, we meet. I show you your images in a digital gallery. It is at this showing that you order your images. We discuss the size, paper type, canvases, etc. You order exactly what you want. I receive the images, inspect them, and I deliver to you. I can also use a software program to show you your selected images in various sizes in a wall gallery ( with a picture of your actual wall) so that you can see what the configuration will look like prior to your purchase. I order my products from PROFESSIONAL labs, not consumer based labs ( like what you see advertised on FB). Yes, those are "cheaper," but are they in the long run? No, they aren't. Those fade over time. The products that I use are known for quality. Archival inks and papers are used to ensure long lasting results. I use luxury portfolio boxes and albums. What about digital files? You get a digital image that matches what you purchase in print for Women's Contemporary or Senior Photography. . I do not offer digitals for fairy portrait photography or fine art photography due to the fact someone else could re-edit my art. "Just Digitals" are for "shoot and burners". This type of photographer "shoots" and then "burns" to a disc. Editing would consist of exposure and color balance only. Beginners in photography do this. As an artist, I do so much more with an image, that "shooting and burning" would undermine what I do. If quality, luxury, and art intrigues you, contact me using my contact form- or email me at If you call me, leave a message. This is how I weed out robo calls and telemarketers. 985-415-0628.


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