Photography + ART=A Fine Marriage!

You decide that you want a photoshoot. So, you start googling photographers. You visit their sites, fall in love with images, and then you look at prices- which we call "investments". You see images that you just fall in love with, and you want with all of your heart to have images like that on your wall! So, you reach out and say, "I need a photographer, but times are hard. Can you shoot my wedding for 300.00? That is all that I have!" or " I really want to surprise my girlfriend, but I need a cheap photographer!" Folks, that isn't how it works! Yes, the photographer down the street may charge two or three hundred dollars and give "unlimited digitals," but that person probably has an entry level camera, has invested 0 dollars into their education, and probably doesn't have a business license! If they are just starting out, then they are priced for their skill set. If you are looking for the "cheap" photographer, you need to look somewhere else. I am not "cheap." Are you? My work reflects the investment that I have spent building my business. I have a legal business. I have quality costumes and props, and my equipment is top of the line. I also continually invest in my education. My work reflects that, and if you value art, then you will value the images that I produce. I have studied art for 24 years. I understand lighting, composition, and color tone. I can composite images ( combine elements from more than one image to create a new image). I also provide quality prints, canvases, and albums. I can help create wall galleries by using specialized software to help you "see" various sizes in groupings.

If you care about art, value, and beauty- give me a call! 985-415-0628


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