My Newest Adventure!

We all have a "bucket list," don't we?! Well, one of my items on my list is to learn to ride a horse. I don't mean to just sit in the saddle, I want to RIDE! I am learning on Gideon. He is over 17 hands high. He is a retired racehorse. My teacher is Lauren Baze, and she is a co-owner of Moonhaven Farms in Folsom, Louisiana. She has me "posting" while Gideon trots. She calls out, "Up, down, up, down," over and over- or,

"You're on the wrong diagonal! Sit for two beats- or rise!" Once I started to get the hang of posting, she had me trot over poles on the ground. I have had to guide Gideon in a clover-leaf pattern, and I weave around poles. The last time I rode, she set up a 1 foot standard, and I jumped over it on Gideon. I felt like I was flying! Another time, we just rode horses together in her 40 acre pasture. Talk about seeking peace and pursuing it! It was so peaceful to ride on a clear, cool, beautiful day.

What does this have to do with photography, you might ask. Well, sometimes in life we get so involved in our routines that we take our lives for granted. When you do something new, something that adds adventure and new learning in your life, it will give you a new perspective. I have had to put my photography aside in order to work on my house. That was so hard in many ways. I felt like I had lost myself. I felt like I was just a workhorse. When I finished, I found that I needed to feel "grounded" again. So, I thought of the things that I wanted to do before I die. I realized that I had made no progress in self- development. So, I decided to learn to ride! It has made a difference. I feel a sense of inner strength and purpose, whereas before, I felt burned out. My head is clear, and my thoughts come so freely. I shoot with joy. I also have something to look forward to doing on the weekends, as long as the weather permits! Lauren Baze took some really cool iPhone shots of me learning to ride. I am going to include them here. I am also going to let you know that a middle aged woman, like me, doesn't have to impose limits on herself! I hope that more ladies my age decide to create an adventure for themselves too!

These photos were taken by my teacher, Lauren Baze, at Moonhaven Farm in Folsom, La.


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