How Well-Versed in Photoshop Are You?

This post is for my fellow photographers, especially those who are just starting out. How well versed in Photoshop are you? Does it intimidate you? Or, are you excited about exploring how far you can take an image in Photoshop? When I first started shooting, I began editing in PS Elements. I later took a course and was introduced to Lightroom. I edited there for awhile, but I felt like the presets just dated my images, the images were easily oversaturated, and I wanted more. So, I visited a Master Photographer who taught me how to polish my images in Adobe PS. I also started taking online lessons in PS. I am still a subscriber in online art classes where we create digital art. I just love it!

Here are my questions for you: Would you like to take your images to a higher level? Would you like to learn about Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw? Would you like to learn how to polish your images in PS ? Later, you could learn compositing! If you are interested, email me at for information on my next in-person seminar!


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