Policies and Procedures - Laura Tallo Photography

Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are in place so that you (the client) and I are communicating effectively. It is important that we are “on the same page,” and you know what to expect from your photoshoot.


1. A fifty dollar non- refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. You may reschedule if you have to cancel your appointment. This deposit is applied to your balance.

2. The balance of the sitting fee is due at the photoshoot.

3. All photoshoots involving children must be conducted with parents or legal guardians written permission. I have a form.

4. I will arrive early (at a time predetermined) for infant photoshoots in order to set up. If we are meeting at a location, please be on time.

5. Booking a “surprise” photoshoot for someone is not a good idea! I rather all parties be fully informed and happy to participate!

Notice of Copyright: Please be aware, it is ILLEGAL to copy, scan, reproduce, or email your photographs elsewhere (including Parent Yearbook ads, Facebook, and the like) without written permission from Laura Tallo due to copyright laws. I do offer FB/social media files for a charge.


For Infant Photography:
1. I will need to arrive early to choose a location, set up my backdrop frame, and get organized.
2. It is preferable to have the shoot within the first ten days of birth. It should be a day with no other activities (such as doctor’s appointments, or company arriving).
3. It is ideal to have the shoot at a time when baby is very sleepy. Feeding the baby and rocking are suggested while I am setting up. When I am done, baby should be quite sleepy, and we can work from there!

4. I will need to hold the baby to swaddle, dress, and position.

5. After the photoshoot, I will need time to collect my things, and reorganize myself. An infant shoot can take up to three hours.

Fairy Photography
1. Arrive at our destination on time.

2. I have costumes, so prepare to have your little fairy princess change. Your daughter may wear a nude leotard under the tutu, if she wishes. Otherwise, underwear should be worn under the tutu because it has no bottom. It is a “dress style.”

3. Please come with hair fixed prettily, and either no nail polish, clear polish, or the palest pink nail polish.

4. Parents, please prepare to watch from a distance. I get better cooperation from children when parents allow space.

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