Images created by Laura Tallo represent years of study, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, digital real estate, insurance, digital applications, and costumes.  Images created by Laura Tallo require designing before the shoot, and editing after the shoot. Prices for session fees and products are carefully calculated based upon the cost of running a legitimately licensed business and the cost of goods.  The session fee does include a pre-consultation, the shoot, and a post-shoot viewing where you order your images. 

 Session fees & product price lists are given at the initial consultation. Digital files for Fairy sessions or artistic edits are not sold. However, some watermarked images are released for social media sharing. Those are selected by Laura Tallo. Please head over to the blog session to learn how sessions work. Payment plans are available, and most forms of credit cards are accepted. Most people spend at least 800 dollars for session and images.


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