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What a Day! Please Slow Down!!!

I began my day by my morning drive to school. I noticed the blue lights ahead of me on La Highway 445.  I just happened to look behind me only to see more blue lights.  The state trooper was coming fast, and the road has no shoulder. I pulled over as best as I could to let him pass. I was about the 7th vehicle stopped for an accident that had just occurred up ahead. I could see a car in a deep ditch. I was stuck for an hour as two ambulances came in and took away the injured, a tow truck pulled away the car, and the fire department hosed off the road.


I thought that the drama for the day was over.  I went through my school day, and I headed to UPS to get packing material.  It was uneventful. I was on HWY 190 waiting to make a left turn to my driveway.  A jeep was stopped behind me patiently waiting.  I heard a crash, and I instinctively pulled forward to minimize an impact in the event we all collided. I was fortunate. I did not receive an impact. The lady in the jeep was hit by the car behind her, but sustained no damage. Her hitch poked through the lady’s bumper.  That lady was rear ended by a group of teenage girls.  A gentleman who was in the army was behind them. He got out to be of assistance. His buddies noticed him pulled over, and they stopped. I really felt comforted having them there.  The police officer came and took our statements. I left – very thankful that I had not been hit.

Please slow down. Please be watchful and vigilant.  Drive carefully because someone close to you cares about you!

  • Laura Stilley Tallo

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