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Model Headshots & Portfolio

Introducing Alaina! 

A frantic grandmother called me last Wednesday because she needed a photographer quick!  She told me that her granddaughter had received a letter from Barbizon Modeling School, and that she needed headshots and comp cards before Saturday!  I met with her the next afternoon. After some wardrobe selections from Ruby’s in Hammond,  (Yes- we went shopping.), we began our shoot.  I told Alaina that it was important to walk into her meeting not only with her comp cards, but with a portfolio. So, we shot her portfolio!  I had called Lakeside Photoworks, and I spoke with Jaclyn. She assured me that with an express printing charge, she could make those comp cards happen!  I edited the photos, designed the card, and sent to Jaclyn. She printed, and I went to Metaire, picked them up, and I wished that you could have seen Alaina’s face when I delivered her comp cards!  Out of 300 young ladies, 55 were chosen, and Alaina was one of the top ones chosen. I am very proud to have been a part of her success. If you are thinking about modeling, call me to schedule an appointment for your photoshoot.


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