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January 10, 2018

frantic gran A dmother called me last Wednesday because she needed a photographer quick!  She told me that her granddaughter had received a letter from Barbizon Modeling School, and that she needed headshots and comp cards before Saturday!  I met with her the next afternoon. After some wardrobe selections from Ruby’s in Hammond,  (Yes- we went shopping.), we began our shoot.  I told Alaina that it was important to walk into her meeting not only with her comp cards, but with a portfolio. So, we shot her portfolio!  I had called Lakeside Photoworks, and I spoke with Jaclyn. She assured me that with an express printing charge, she could make those comp cards happen!  I edited the photos, designed the card, and sent to Jaclyn. She printed, and I went to Metaire, picked them up, and I wished that you could have seen Alaina’s face when I delivered her comp cards!  Out of 300 young ladies, 55 were chosen, and Alaina was one of the top ones chosen. I am very proud to have been a part of her success. If you are thinking about modeling, call me to schedule an appointment for your photoshoot.






July 23,  2017

I had the awesome privilege to  do a shoot for Himel Dance Conservatory!  I did the portrait session, and I shot the video. It was amazing!  Brydie Burke Himel is the owner and Head Dance Mistress of Himel Dance Conservatory.  Her dance studio’s recital was Sleeping Beauty. Her studio is located in Marrero, and here is a link to her webpage:

I will post a second slide show featuring more of the dancers in a few days. I am still working on editing the portraits, but I wanted to give the parents a “sneak peak”. Enjoy!

May 21, 2017

I am so glad to get my website fixed!  I have worked with techs all weekend to restore my site.  My last back up was done a year ago, and I had to revert to that back up so that I wouldn’t have to start from scratch!  So, I lost a year’s worth of blog posts and pictures! What is crazy, is that I never deliberately made a back up! I found it quite by accident!   Well, I am up and running again!  Here is an image from one of my latest shoots!  I will be busy re-establishing my galleries! I will keep you posted! 


Seniors 2016~  It Is Time To Schedule Your Shoot!


I finished 2015 by editing my last shoot of the year!  I had the privilege of  doing Miss Gabi Bankstown’s Senior Portrait Session in St. Francisville, La.  We shot at the Myrtle Plantation and at Rosedown Plantation.  Although no little ghosts came out to play with us, we had a really marvelous time!  The weather was predominately overcast, but sometimes the clouds would part, and we would have rivers of light illuminating the grass in the background.



I am excited to share the best images of 2015 with you!  It has been a wonderful year. I have shot in Mississippi and in Louisiana.

I would love to expand and travel more. I will be in Hattiesburg in the spring.  These beautiful costumes were made by Enchanted Fairyware and the wings are made by Crone Designs in Canada. Please take a moment and watch the video and then scroll down to see some of the products being offered for 2016!



Personalized folio boxes are a lovely way to receive your portraits!  Book Now!

a box with a portrait on it and portraits below the box This-one-for-folio-box


Business Change: Notice to Clients about Your Galleries
I am very thankful to my clients for your support this year. I have decided to keep my Smugmug gallery for one more year. I think that it is a valuable asset for you to use to view and purchase your images. However, it is virtual real -state (and it is costly). So, if you have not made a purchase from that gallery, I am going to delete it to make room for other galleries. My 2016 policy will be to leave the gallery open for 2 weeks. If you have not made a purchase in that time period, I will close the gallery. In the event that you choose to make a purchase after the two week period, I will re-instate the gallery for a 50.00 re-upload charge.


If the weather permits, I invite you to join me for an exciting adventure at Yawn Tree Station (located North of Albany on La. 43) on 11/21/2015 for Christmas mini sessions! This is a link to their FB page:

flyer advertising Christmas mini sessions 11/21/2015 at Yawn Tree Station Christmas Tree Farm

31 October 2015

Last Saturday, before the heavy rains began to fall, I had a Christmas mini session with three mothers of three little cousins. They elected to have some of their shots in their regular clothes, and they wanted a few in costume. It can be hard working with really young kids because they look all around and not at the camera. However, these mom fixed that! They stood behind me and cheered! It was like bing at a ball game. They were wonderful!

27 October 2015

This was the most fun senior photoshoot that I have had! This Mississippi southern belle wanted a fairy photoshoot incorporated into her session, and I gladly obliged.  We shot in a meadow with wildflowers right before all of this rain started! Here are some of her images. I hope that you enjoy them!

18 October 2015

I went to the French Settlement Creole Festival today, and I stepped back in time. I met a lovely WWII nurse. She was in an authentic costume. She collects WWII memorabilia, and she has several uniforms. I processed these either in B &W or a vintage color. I hope that you enjoy them.






17 October 2015

Christmas minis will be at Yawn Tree Station (north of Albany on La 43) this Saturday (24th). Contact me for your Christmas session. There are Christmas card options on my Smugmug site.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, I have templates, and I can design one for you.  4

9 October 2015

With this slide show, I celebrate my daughter!  She married Cameron Andrews on September 26, 2015.  When she was a little girl, I helped her dress for the ballet. We did her hair, make-up, and put on her costumes. I don’t know how many Nutcracker’s I have seen her dance in, but I enjoyed them all!  Back then, I would think to myself, “One day, I will be helping her pick out her wedding gown!”  Well, this is my lovely daughter in her wedding gown.  As I was shooting, I saw an area where I could capture light leaks. These images were some of Rebecca’s favorites. All of these are the ones that she has chosen as her favorites. I love her in any light! I hope that you enjoy them.

September 27, 2015

Albany High School Hornets!

Homecoming Event Special! This week only! (September 28- Oct 2, 2015)

Dress up, get together as a group (5 or more people preferably) , and I will photograph you before your event.

Investment: 25.o0  per person or 35 for a couple

What you get: 3 shots to choose from either individually or with your date, online gallery, and all 3 shots for social sharing; group shot is lagniappe. Shots for social sharing will bear my logo very lightly and discreetly.

Interested? Contact me! See me at school or use the contact button on this page!

August 18, 2015

Laura Tallo Photography will be hosting Fall Fairy Mini sessions for the first time! Booking for October 3rd, 2015. We will shoot at Fontainebleau State Park. You will get 5 digital files for social sharing, (5) 8x10s, and an online gallery so that you or other family members can order more! Choose 1 costume, and the twenty minutes allows for dressing.

Fall minis 2015

July 27th, 2015

I had a photoshoot with a fearless young Knight! I hope that you enjoy these images.

June  26, 2015
As most of you know,  I am an artist as well as a photographer. I have been working on a graphite rendering of Mike Duffy for about three years. I am now hours away from producing my finished piece. This work of art began with a challenge from a dear friend, Kitty Sibley Morrison.  I accepted her challenge and hunted down an 8 x 10 copy of a portrait of  Mike Duffy.  I also found the photographer that took that shot!  Her name is Alice Norred Hibbard.  She gave me a tour of an antiquated store room. In it, she had boxes of vintage photographs, and she had a wonderful collection of vintage cameras.  She had taken this shot in the mid- 1970s. She was a photographer for Lilly Studios in Springfield, Louisiana.  Due to floodwaters, she lost a lot of her photos- either through damage, or having thousands boxed without having time to organize them. Either way, she had lost this photo and the negative. However, there were still copies floating around the area. I found one. I rendered it in graphite, and this is her reaction!

I have no idea how to make videos. I tried!  This is an admitted area of weakness for me. I didn’t realize that while I was filming and talking with my iPhone, that I rotated my hand. That made a real difference in your viewing format. So, I uploaded it to Photoshop, and I tried to edit it. This is Mrs. Alice Norred Hibbard viewing my rendering of her photograph for the first time.

May  28, 2015

While recuperating from this hysterectomy, I decided to do something productive with my time- learn some new Photoshop skills!  I am learning “compositing” where you take images from other photos to create a whole new image. I am also going to draw and paint my own dragons to add into my photography.

For this composite,   I have taken a shot that was rendered in camera in “portrait” format- and using Photoshop, I extended the background to “landscape” format.  I purchased an owl png file from from another photographer. I added that into the shot.  I also added a faint tree line into the background.  This is a work in progress. I still need to add a drop shadow to my owl, and I have a few other things in mind.  Here is the original and my work-in- progress. What do you think?

16 for contest


work-in-progress copy



May  19, 2015
Sometimes, things just don’t work out like we hope or plan.  I had photoshoots going full-swing and in mid-March,  I developed some symptoms that led me to my doctor.   Six weeks later, I had a hysterectomy.  During the midst of this,  the rains started in April. I am beginning to think we need to build an ark!

I am recovering.  I am moving slowly, and I run a low- grade fever every evening. The nurse says that many surgery patients do. If it goes past 100.4, I need to go see the doctor. I am managing it with Advil.   I spend my days sleeping, reading, and watching tv with my husband (who has been watching over me so sweetly).

I am working on advanced Photoshop techniques. I will be posting some samples in the near future.  I will be adding fantasy elements to my fairy photography.  I see my physician on June 4th, and I will know by then if I can shoot that following week.  If you are interested in a photoshoot (whether plain clothes or fairy/ Princess), I could definitely book for the end of June.

Keep smiling,



April 8, 2015


It has been awhile since my last post. Since my last post, I have been privileged to do an engagement shoot with my daughter and her fiance’.  We shot in Vicksburg, Mississippi at the Civil War Memorial Park. 




March 18, 2015

This past weekend I had an amazing shoot at Fountianebleau State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana.  I worked with three siblings who were amazing!  Here is a slide show of that photoshoot. I hope that you enjoy it!





February 26, 2015

This past week, I did a photoshoot with a young entrepreneur who is also a teacher that I had taught with for about seven years. She is a Rodan and Fields consultant.  She invited me to a Rodan and Fields event last night, and I am so glad that I went! Being fifty, I am very concerned about skin care.  I was really impressed to experience the products.  I have decided that I am going to give them a try!  Here is Erin’s webpage, and I will be posting a backlink for further references (When you click on the little button on the top left hand corner of my homepage, it will be there).  I am also including one of her headshots! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present                    Erin Stevenson Vicari!         


A lovely, young brunette with a gorgeous smile. Headshot



February 22, 2015

Yesterday, I had a wonderful photo shoot at Fountainebleau State Park. The weather was overcast, and I was afraid that it was going to rain, but the rain held off.  My little subject was treated to a surprise Fairy Shoot by her mother. I wished that you could have seen the delight in her eyes when she saw what was in store for her!

Here is a small gallery featuring my favorite shots of this little fairy!

February 21, 2015

Due to the past foul weather, and the fact that it is now warming up- I will extend my Fairy Photo Shoot 1/2 price on the sitting fee special for one additional week. Book between 2/ 21-2/28 for your Fairy shoot
(this shoot needs to be booked from now through March) and you will get 1/2 the 250.00 sitting fee. You will AT LEAST 15 hand edited images to choose from, online gallery, a la carte pricing, as well as 3 affordable packages to choose from.
So, you can book and have your shoot within this week, but you can also use this week to book, and have your shoot on a pretty evening in March! I will be shooting at Fontainebleau State Park unless you prefer a different location. I would also shoot immediately after school and on weekends. During the week day, I would meet you at the park at 4:15 with the costumes. Your little one needs to be in a camisole, shorts, and flip flops or sandals. We will do barefoot shots, but she will need them for walking to different locations. No make up is needed. Have hair brushed, face clean, nails clean, etc.

February 3, 2015
My “day job” is that of a teacher, a teacher of students with exceptional needs to be exact.  It doesn’t take a special person to teach my children.  Working with them is the easy part.  The paperwork load that comes with SPED is the killer. One way that I deal with the stress is to have a daily devotional time early in the morning.  Today  I read On Earth as it is in Heaven: A Prayer for Young Professionals by Tyler Chris from “The High Calling” ministries. Here is the link to this devotional:

This is the last part: ” On Earth As It Is in Heaven

When we pray, do we say, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” and then sit back and wait for someone to show up on the scene and make things happen? As people of faith—at work, in our community, in our home, in our relationships—how do we partner with God to usher in the kingdom of God, right where we are? How can we live the gospel in such a way that we welcome the kingdom of God wherever we show up? What is the impact of doing good work in the places God has called us? What does it mean to do good work, and why does it matter? Does my good work every day make a difference for eternity? After we pray, On Earth As It Is in Heaven, what are practical ways to partner with God in seeing that come to pass, right in the place where we are?”

This meant a lot to me, for it caused me to analyze myself.  Sometimes I get discouraged because I work so hard, and I feel like no one notices- or, ‘it just doesn’t matter,’ but it does matter. Even though no one may notice, it matters to work with integrity. It matters to do your best even if no one sees or understands. I think that it matters to the Lord. He notices, cares, and it makes a difference to Him. It also matters that we are people of strong faith and character.  I want to encourage you if you have been feeling discouraged. You matter. Your work matters. Your ethics matter.






February 1, 2015

Yesterday, I drove to Mississippi to visit my daughter and her fiance’.  They had just purchased their first house, and they were moving into it. So, I just had to see their first home and give them a helping hand.  It is beautiful. It has high ceilings, a gorgeous bathtub, and a bricked patio with a swing, and a fenced-in backyard. It is perfect for them!  They let me take a couple of shots to celebrate their special day! 












January 18, 2015

Here is a link to my e-zine! Please feel free to share it.



A world containing a positive message: Creative, Positive, Inspired, Victorious, Amazing, Happy, Sunshine, Radiant, Caring, Loving Joy, Beauty, You, Starchild, Hope, Laughter, Bubbles, Fly High, Go Far, Dance, Let Your Light Shine, Be Remembered!









January 15, 2015

What Should You Do to Prepare For Your Fairy  or Princess Photoshoot?

A Fairy PhotoShoot is a magical experience that your little girl will never forget. It is all about her!  Prepare by either taking her to the salon of your choice and have her hair styled, or allow me to set up an appointment with my hair and make up artists (for an additional charge).  Choose a style that is free and loose. After cleansing her face with a mild cleanser, apply a light re-touch under the eyes to eliminate shadows. Apply powder all over. Lightly apply a pinkish color to the lips and use gloss. A neutral eye shadow can be applied. During close-ups, a mega-pixel camera will pick up veins in the eyelids. So, using a light eyeshadow  ( I like Bare Minerals.) will cover up those veins.   Comb the eyebrows, and if there are a lot of stray hairs (and your little girl will let you), tweeze them.  Hair and make -up are essential to your photoshoot.  Next, remove old fingernail polish. Shape the nails and either apply a light pink coat of polish or leave them natural.

Come to the setting wearing a camisole and pair of shorts or a leotard with spaghetti straps.  Make sure that you choose a neutral color or white. A tube top is an alternative.

Be prepared to help your daughter put on the tutu. Arms slip through the straps, and the tutu ties in back. I will slip the wings in the back for you. Bring flip flops!  Your daughter will walk to the setting in flip-flops, and I will remove them and help her pose.

She  will go through several poses while sitting and standing. I will take shots of head and shoulders, full body sitting on the ground,  and full body standing.

When we are done, I will take out the wings from the back of the tutu. A parent will help the child undress, and I will collect the tutu!

Advice for parents… Please watch from a distance and allow me to direct. I will tell your daughter when to smile and where to look.  Too much attention on a child makes them nervous. I need time to build a rapport, and I also need the freedom to shoot without being distracted.

After shooting, I work some magic of my own during the editing process. When I am done, you will have works of art to hang in your home!

I would love to create this magic for you. If you want an ethereal portrait of your daughter, call me or press the “contact” button. I can be reached at 985.415.0628 .  Read the post below for a limited time 1/2 the sitting fee special.


January 11, 2015

I did get my new lens, and I am running a 1/2 off special on Fairy or Princess Photography session sitting fees. Purchase a shoot between 1/11/2015 and 2/1/2105, and you will receive 1/2 off the sitting fee! Instead of 250.00, you will be charged 125.00 payable by Paypal invoice, check, credit card, or cash.   The extra charge for siblings will be 50.00 instead of 100.00.
Due to the weather being so harsh, these photo sessions will be scheduled for tentative dates in February (in hope that it will be a little warmer).  Please contact me. These shoots are one-of-a-kind. The tutus are gorgeous, and the fairy wings are divine!


These are my standard prices:

Fairy Session: 1 hour session for 1 child, online proofing gallery, at least 15 hand edited shots to choose from… 250.00 sitting fee

Your session is “stylized”. You choose from my costumes, props, etc. We set the stage and choose the location!

Fairy Costumes: Snow Owl, Meadow Fairy, Purple and Gold Fairy, Pink Tinker bell fairy, and I have “Frozen Inspired” ice blue tutus!!! I also have beautiful iridescent fairy wings! The prices for the Fairy Sessions are for ONE subject. Additional subjects are welcome! The charge for a sibling would be an additional 100.00 per sibling.

There are 3 packages from which you may choose to purchase. When you purchase your packages ( or prints at the a la carte pricing), I will send you a social media file of the portraits/poses that you have purchased.




January 9, 2015

Ok, I have had enough of this harsh weather. I am ready for more moderate temperatures!  I had plans to shoot this weekend, but it will be too cold and wet for little kids to play dress up outside. So, I have to wait for mother nature to have a hot flash!  She’s hormonal, so it’s coming.   In the meantime, I am creating a vision board. I am working on settings and poses so that when I can shoot, I will have something special to show you.

Have  a great weekend!


January 7, 2016

I got my new lens, and I can’t wait to try it out!  It may be a few days because the weather had suddenly turned cold.  You can’t put little girls in tutus in this weather. That’s for sure! Hopefully this weekend will warm up.  The The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM keeps the subject in sharp focus, but renders a beautiful bokeh in the background.  I will be doing test shots at each focal length on the first warm day after this cool spell.  I am hoping to host some Fairy photo shoots in City Park this spring. That is my goal for the near future. I hope to see you there! Keep tabs on my Memo page for details.





January 5, 2015

I want to share with you about a wonderful experience that I had with Adorama today.  I had sent in some lenses that I really wasn’t using. I wanted to trade them in for the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II lens. I had spoke with them on Friday, and I learned that I had just enough money to cover that lens with the money that I would get on a trade-in.  I had been having covetous thoughts about this Sony A7s and an E-mount to go with it, but it would cost another 2K.  In a moment of weakness, I ordered it.

My heart fluttered all weekend long. I knew that I couldn’t afford to just drop 2K.  So, this morning, I called Jack Gold.  I told him of my decision to drop that part of my order. Do you know what he said?  “No problem!” There was no hassle, no fussing, no fees!

He was great!  I told him how thankful I was, and that I would share with the world how much I appreciate him and Adorama! He told me, “Well, in that case, I will ship your lens two-day air at my expense!”

Thank you, Jack! I will get my camera from you later- when I have the money saved! If you need camera equipment, contact Jack in the “used department”!  Find them here, too:

Laura Tallo





January 4, 2015

Confessions of  a Photographer

My first confession is that I love costumes!  As my daughter was growing up, I would allow her to have costumes at any time of the year. Costumes shouldn’t be for Halloween alone. Playing “dress-up” stimulates the imagination and enhances creativity.

So, I decided to add the genre of “Fairy” and “Princess” photography. It takes a little more work on my part. I have to buy props ( crystal ball, wands, fairy dust, lanterns, etc. I also have to bring the tutus, wings, and halos- but it is worth it. The girls love the transformation.  I love creating a memory that they will never forget.

Confession 2: I am a “prop” junkie. It is hard to bypass a prop that would work well with a photoshoot, but storage can be a problem.

Confession 3:  I don’t think that I will ever stop doing Fairy or Princess photoshoots. In fact, I am going to work in “Knights” and “Princes.”

What would you like to see this year?



January 3, 2015

Verse for the day: “I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.” Psalm 118:21

I want to begin this new year with a heart filled with gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for- my health, my home, my family, and my job.  I am thankful for the good friends that I have.  There are little things in my life that enrich my life- like my kitty cats, or the mint growing in my garden.

I am thankful that even though I have suffered hardship, the Lord helped me find a way to make it through every trial that has fallen upon  me.  Within the past few years I have suffered loss- the loss of loved ones, the loss of a teaching position, and I struggled with extreme illness. In spite of that, He brought me healing, comfort, a new position, and good health.

Because I have seen the hand of the Lord at work in my life, I can look forward to a good future. God’s thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and His ways are higher than my ways. He does think good thoughts about me, and I can rely upon Him in times of trouble.  What are you grateful for, and how have you seen the Lord work in your life this past year?


Laura Tallo





January 2, 2015

I had the pleasure and honor of being invited to be a guest blogger for Sixth Bloom.  This is a site ran by Erin Wilson Staples of Picayune, Mississippi.  She is a photographer and mentor.  I will let you know when my entry will appear on her site. Visit her at

I also want to let you know that my web page now consists of all of my on content. I do have some minor adjustments to make, but you are no longer viewing demo content as well as my own.

Thank you,

Laura Tallo





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