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About the Fairy Photoshoot

One of my friends recently asked why the shoot was two hours. She had a visual image of a child being in one spot, with me shooting for two hours. That isn’t the way that it is.  The two hours is allotted to  allow me time to build a rapport with your child, accommodate shooting in multiple areas, and to allow for costume changes and breaks.

I scout the area the day before and  choose several areas that would render nicely in a portrait. I might have up to five different spots in one locale.  I also bring several tutus in various sizes and colors.  I let your child choose a couple, and I give you time to help her change. She may get tired and need a break.  If she is really young, she may need to take five minutes and just play.   It is my goal to achieve shots that will become works of art, and two hours allows me the time that I need to accomplish that. Most importantly, I need to “connect” with your child and build a rapport. When they first meet me, I am a stranger to them. They need to get used to me. Some need time to realize that I am not the babysitter!  Sometimes, I get everything that I need in an hour and a half- and that is ok too! My goal is to provide your child with a magical, fun experience and capture that magic in lovely works of art that you will cherish.

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